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Two years after its successful launch in the world of interior lighting, Magic Circus Éditions unveils its latest vision: Collection 02, inspired by Marie-Lise Féry’s ongoing research into notions of balance, weightlessness and motion. Blurring the lines between function and contemplation, her creations question the fluctuating nature of objects.


Loosely inspired by Chinese paper lanterns, Collection 02 transforms the mundane into elegant creations. It offers an entirely new perspective, an original interpretation of a shape traditionally associated with urban environments transposed into an interior context and turned into a work of art by the unexpected choice of materials and scale. Marie-Lise Féry’s approach lends her creations an element of drama and modernism: they redefine interior environments and bring a heightened sense of elegance to our perception of the objects that surround us.


Influenced by a brazen mix of Asian inspiration and Art Nouveau style, this new collection features delicate and poetic shapes, floral and sculptural elements, flowing and curving lines; all of which are shown in a palette of soft powdery hues.


The result is a strikingly modern collection, where Marie-Lise Féry brings together the essence of a Far-Eastern concept and the expertise of European glass craftsmanship. Made of opalescent mouth-blown glass, the pieces are sculpted with a diamond saw in a workshop near Prague, Czech Republic. The resulting striations give the illusion of folded paper and allow the light to flow through the piece’s fine and delicate texture, creating a warm and colourful glow. This effect is further heightened by Marie-Lise Féry’s deliberate choice not to sand off the evidence of handwork and to play up the contrasts between matt and glossy.


Each light is shaped by experienced hands, like a piece of jewellery, and tells the story of the extraordinarily careful work it took to fashion it. The delicately crafted glass and finely wrought brass is clearly evocative of Magic Circus Édition’ earlier creations. The two collections are linked together by many reciprocal references and a common spirit, something that is also self-evident in the poetic approach and exquisite softness so unique to Marie-Lise Féry’s work.


Collection 02 conjures up a certain idea of romanticism, which gives each creation a uniquely poetic feel. 




M A R I E – L I S E   F É R Y




The scintillating ringleader of a unique lighting collection. Her creation of Magic Circus Editions is a natural extension of the passions, travels and encounters of Marie-Lise Féry.


Paris-born Marie-Lise Féry left for New York soon after completing her studies as an art dealer. There she learned her trade, fell under the spell of the Big Apple, and drank in strikingly different – but elegant – decorative styles.


On her return to France, she opened Un château en Espagne (A castle in Spain), an antiques gallery in Lyon that once seen is never forgotten. There, she showcases objects as others use words to tell stories: a gift she loves to express through her interiors projects. “When something has soul, it will always find its place” is a phrase often used by her stylist mother, from whom she inherits her love of beautiful things and the art of knowing how to associate them.


But she wanted to go further, and in 2015 took the bold step of creating Magic Circus Éditions.


So why lighting? Well, because lighting creates the atmospheric magic integral to any successful interior. That in itself is a persuasive argument for someone as in love with the spectacular as Marie-Lise Féry, who is fascinated by circus, cabaret and music hall and the kind of world created by Wes Anderson for The Grand Budapest  Hotel: style, elegance, the jumble of different periods, fantasy and the unexpected.



Along the way, a happy encounter with a traditional craft workshop would give substance to her designs and the opportunity to validate the forms and proportions of her preliminary sketches. The subsequent collaboration would focus in on the minute details and perfecting each finish to the point where it receives the impressed mark that authenticates each piece.


Marie-Lise Féry loves the idea that beautiful pieces can be enjoyed day and night – neither forgotten nor imposing – and enjoys the idea that her designs effectively reinvent themselves when positioned where they may be least expected. The perfect balance between fantasy and sophistication.